It’s time for inside-out.

I’ve been sad and anxious lately, which isn’t like me. It’s possible that I have some PMS. But it seems more likely to involve the coronavirus. Or, rather, the situation. It’s worrisome whether our economy will be all right. And you know that government-provided stimulus check I was so excited to get? I don’t qualify,Continue reading “It’s time for inside-out.”

Why’d you do it, Mr. Kitty?

CONTENT WARNING: SEXUAL CATS Oh my gosh. This is too funny not to blog about. Last night, for the second night in a row, I took some extra Seroquel (it’s allowed) and wound up getting a bad case of restless leg syndrome. My dad’s reaction when I told him? “You’ve got to go down onContinue reading “Why’d you do it, Mr. Kitty?”

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