Birthday weight loss attempts!

My diet quit working for me, but now I’m back on track. I haven’t lost any weight in two months. I’m challenging myself to lose five pounds before my birthday on May 10th. I’m not sure what was going wrong with my diet, but I think it involved eating a lot of different foods, whichContinue reading “Birthday weight loss attempts!”

More alterations to my diet!

So, I’ve modified my diet in a few more ways. It’s been a constant process of figuring out what works best. I used to eat a square of dark chocolate after every meal (the stuff works great as an appetite suppressant), but that became a problem, because–go figure–I fell in love with the stuff. IContinue reading “More alterations to my diet!”

Great progress with the weight-loss plan!

Okay, so, I have great news from the dieting front. I’ve figured out what I was doing wrong, and this breakthrough might even prevent the need for a weekly box of Cracklin’ Oat Bran. Here’s the skinny (pun totally intended): originally, I scheduled the following meal for brunch: Four turkey sausage patties (200 calories total)Continue reading “Great progress with the weight-loss plan!”

A once-a-week caloric deficit.

So, I had issues yesterday with my diet. I woke up starved. Trying to stick to my diet, I made some of my high-protein waffles for breakfast (rather than for dinner). It didn’t help. I was still starved. Demoralized and unable to cope, I went to the local pastry shop and got a bagel andContinue reading “A once-a-week caloric deficit.”

My diet in pictures!

My diet has been going great. Here are some internet images of what I’ve been eating: I’ve been enjoying my popcorn powder flavors, and I just discovered that the brand carries more varieties not sold in stores! I’m about to try the following from their website: bacon cheddar, milk chocolate caramel, sour cream & onion,Continue reading “My diet in pictures!”

Life is good.

Okay, here’s the situation. I’ve been doing some soul-searching–the painful kind. And I’ve realized I’ve got to push myself as a writer. I’m never going to get published in YA because my writing style is too intelligent for the audience, AND my stories are too weird and “out there”. Teenagers only appreciate angst. They don’tContinue reading “Life is good.”

Pass the food!

So, I’m starving. I’ve been awake for six hours, and I’ve already eaten two Luna protein bars and two brown rice cups and half a package of precooked grilled chicken strips. So what gives? Watching my caloric intake has caused an unforseen problem: hunger. I’m not interested in starving myself to death, but if leftContinue reading “Pass the food!”

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