A blast from the past: dogs gone wild.

I had nothing better to do with my evening, so… [Fateful opening sentence fragment.] … so I finally tracked down that episode of Little House on the Praire that I recall so well, and I watched it again several decades later. It’s called “The Wolves”, which made me wonder if I was remembering the episode wrong. ButContinue reading “A blast from the past: dogs gone wild.”

Oh, Annie Lane, I feel ya.

Dear Annie: My daughter, “Emily,” has been dating “Ben” for almost two years. Ben is a great guy, aside from one issue that’s been bugging me: He refuses to drive anywhere and instead has my daughter drive him. He says it’s because a few years ago he was in a car accident and has beenContinue reading “Oh, Annie Lane, I feel ya.”

Life is great!

I’ve been rediscovering my love for television, which seems really weird, because it feels like people should watch it less often instead of more often, but oh well! Today, I watched some Felicity and then an episode of Night Court. I’m sure this will sound strange, but I’m impressed with myself for being able to focus andContinue reading “Life is great!”

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