It’s time for tea!

Dear Amy: My dilemma involves a group of women who I am friends with on an online sobriety site. We met virtually more than five years ago, have traveled together, and share our lives daily with our blogs and Zooms. I’ve noticed that the members, mostly from Britain, often poke fun at America and Americans,Continue reading “It’s time for tea!”

Ask Amy’s life has been too easy.

Dear Amy: Your response to “Suspicious” seemed fairly responsible and complete, but she said she had PTSD after a cheating incident 20 years ago. I assure you, adultery does not bring on post-traumatic stress disorder! — Upset Upset: “Suspicious” said she believed she “had a form of PTSD” after this cheating episode. PTSD is extremelyContinue reading “Ask Amy’s life has been too easy.”

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