Easy come, easy go!

Well, I’m going to the dentist tomorrow. I think it’s been too long, and I don’t want to have dental problems in Prague, even though my handy guidebook taught me how to know when your Prague dentist is yelling, “Wait, come back! I’m not done with your teeth!” which is probably good to know. HAContinue reading “Easy come, easy go!”

Old souls.

I’m feeling much improved, and after a bloodthirsty back-and-forth with my mentor, we worked things out. He and I are always taking our relationship to the brink of ruin and then somehow surviving things in a last-second display of tragedy and explosive heroics. I have no idea what miracle could possibly account for that, butContinue reading “Old souls.”

Spiritual accomplishments.

TRIGGER WARNING: suicidality, but only discussed in the context of the distant past, and difficult life situations as well. I’m fine!  I’ve been reading a really nice spiritual, New Agey book that my dad bought me, because he’s generous enough to buy me self-help books as a means of helping me work through my issues.Continue reading “Spiritual accomplishments.”

Never overassert yourself!

Dear Amy: I have recently started (online) therapy. After only a few sessions I feel comfortable with her and hope to establish a good relationship in order to work through some old traumas. During our last session, she suggested I read a recent self-help book and follow the exercises. The author of the book relatesContinue reading “Never overassert yourself!”


DEAR HARRIETTE: I have a 4-month-old daughter with a woman I never dated exclusively but was hanging out with for a while. When she told me she was pregnant, I asked about any other men, and she said there was no one else. I accepted that, and my family and I stood by her theContinue reading “Deception.”

Spirituality is dead.

I’m about to reject my spiritual roots. There’s a core spiritual belief that everything happens for a reason. We’re led to believe that more enlightened people agree with this, whereas idiots who haven’t thought it through think life happens randomly. Bullshit. Life may or may not be completely random, but one thing everyone can agreeContinue reading “Spirituality is dead.”

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