I hate being misunderstood. Ask Amy’s column today is about grammar (the first letter) and cancer (the second letter). I commented thusly: LW2–If Ask Amy has all these editors at her disposal, as per LW1, then why does she keep overusing commas? I am now facing cancer, myself. And there’s a comma in that sentence,Continue reading “Misunderstood!”

We’re feeling trigger happy!

Do you ever find yourself tracking people from your past, keeping an eye on them online, that sort of thing? Well, I’ve been doing that with Ash, my former friend whom I haven’t heard one word from. I have a stalker facebook account, and I think she knew I was using it, because she deletedContinue reading “We’re feeling trigger happy!”

As long as I’m awake

Bad news. My psychic friend, Ash, seems to be having some issues. You all know that I’m a bit slow to recognize that something’s wrong. I’m a bit dense at times, and I sort of blame myself for that. I often have facebook open all day, because today for example, I’ve been working on myContinue reading “As long as I’m awake”

Disturbing the peaceful slumber of the dead.

Dear Amy: My mother died almost 21 years ago. On the 20th anniversary of her death, I was reflecting on her life, our relationship and the ripples it sent through my life. For better or worse, I posted my thoughts on Facebook. Our relationship had some huge ups and downs. She was a difficult personContinue reading “Disturbing the peaceful slumber of the dead.”

Bragadocious and social media likes.

Dear Amy: A few years ago, my girlfriend’s friend told her that I was hitting on her. My girlfriend asked her what I did to make her feel that way, she said, “He asked me questions, and when I answered them he followed up with questions about my answers.” My girlfriend said, “How is thatContinue reading “Bragadocious and social media likes.”

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