Never a dull moment.

So, first my mom was triggering my issues, and then my mood did a complete 180° shift when I got news of Prague opening its borders to American tourists. And then, alas, I wound up in the ER with a kidney stone. Yeah, apparently that godawful stomach ache I had wasn’t due to my eatingContinue reading “Never a dull moment.”

A bad day to be a safety girl!

So, yeah, two things have occurred today that show me that I care more about safety than other people do. I’m a total safety girl, always have been. I don’t like feeling anxious, and fortunately anxiety is rarely an issue I have. But anxiety aside, I’m HUGE on safety. It makes me feel better, becauseContinue reading “A bad day to be a safety girl!”

When naptime is over.

Today was depressing. My sinus headache got worse, so I took four Seroquel (it’s allowed for when I don’t feel well) and two Advil, and then I was able to take a five-hour nap. Right before I fell asleep, one random happy memory after another flashed through my mind. This would be a direct effectContinue reading “When naptime is over.”

When the mothers talk…

I hate my mother. She called me this evening while I was watching Felicity Season 3, and she immediately started asking me if I have a cough or a fever. I was like, “Why would I have a cough or a fever?” And she launched into some sort of fearmongering response about the virus. She then spentContinue reading “When the mothers talk…”

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