Love the machine!

So, my new gym came in the mail yesterday. I got it set up and used it for the first time today. I like it! And it has a lot of capabilities. One thing I noticed from today’s beginner’s workout was that I can do leg squats without putting any pressure on my knees whatsoever.Continue reading “Love the machine!”

Misery at midnight

I’ve been depressed all day. I’ve already taken two naps. This was after I cried myself to sleep last night and felt miserable. I consulted the Tarot cards to consider pros and cons of ditching my therapist, and the cards confirmed a lot of what I knew. I’ve decided on a course of action: noContinue reading “Misery at midnight”

Feeling sad!!

I received some energetic healing work earlier this evening from Maria, and it was really interesting. We were on the phone for an hour, and she worked remotely (I’m in Louisville, Kentucky; and she’s in Florida) to untie my energetic knots (or something like that). I could feel her doing it, and it fatigued meContinue reading “Feeling sad!!”

Two ships in the night headed straight toward each other. No iceberg needed!

So, I’m on my period, which… is dire. I’m sort of braindead and exhausted. Actually, to get technical, my period hasn’t started yet. But it’s coming. I can tell. Lately, I’ve been getting PMS before my period. It used to always happen at the beginning of my period. Now it’s before, and then once myContinue reading “Two ships in the night headed straight toward each other. No iceberg needed!”

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