Dear Amy: I am a woman in my 70s. I do not understand why women in their 30s think they can treat their elders with disrespect. I had two unkind mothers-in-law, but I wouldn’t have dreamed of being rude to them or “telling them off” because they were my elders — the mothers of myContinue reading “Elders?!”

Generational drama!

Dear Amy: My husband has two siblings and several nieces and nephews. His brother’s daughter — our niece — is pregnant, and everyone is genuinely excited about the baby. Our issue is that a few years ago my very generous and kind father-in-law (her grandfather) gave her funds to attend college. We don’t know howContinue reading “Generational drama!”

Can we refer to her as Anne Laney?

This is a letter from earlier this month with a followup letter from today’s column after it. Dear Annie: My name is Barbara. It’s NOT “Barb.” It’s not “Barbie.” It’s not “Babs.” So, please tell me WHY when I introduce myself as Barbara, the majority of the time, people say things like, “Hi, Barb”? Immediately,Continue reading “Can we refer to her as Anne Laney?”

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