The return of Whiskers.

I’m sort of tired today, so I guess I’ll blog for a while. Ashley Leia made some good comments on my last blog post, questioning whether it’s possible that I’m misinterpreting the situation with the guy I like, who appears to be in love with (and actively flirting with) a married woman. So I analyzedContinue reading “The return of Whiskers.”

What’s love got to do with it?

So, splat. My budding potential relationship just hit the ground like a pancake. (Does that simile even work? How does a pancake hit the ground? Well, it goes splat. Okay, moving on.) I met him at the post office, which is where he works. Postal employees, yah? He’s always been nice to me, and heContinue reading “What’s love got to do with it?”

Something’s gotta give!

I like a guy. I know, right? Hide your children! Flee while you still can! Meg likes a guy! Yikes! (For those readers just now tuning in, I tend to have relationship issues, the likes of which have been known to cause tectonic plates to shift, dead people to reach through the ground with clawedContinue reading “Something’s gotta give!”


TRIGGER WARNING: ABUSE So I’ve been thinking about my relationship issues and the abuse I suffered as a child. Ashley Leia thinks I engage in “splitting,” which is a concept from borderline personality disorder. Based on what I understand, it involves seeing people as all good or all bad (black and white without any gray)Continue reading “Cursed!”

Random odds and ends from Meg World.

MILD TRIGGER WARNING: UNEXPECTED THREATS OF SUICIDE (NOT ME, I’M FINE) I feel tired today and braindead. I’ve spent the past two days helping my mom get ready to go back to her house in New England, where her boyfriend is waiting to care for her. She called earlier today and asked one of usContinue reading “Random odds and ends from Meg World.”

Unplanned pregnancy?

Dear Mesmerizing Meg: I am 16. On December first, I had unprotected sex. On December fifth, I had sex again. Took a Pregnancy Test on the seventeenth of the same month, negative. I was in a behavioral health facility from December sixth through the twenty-third due to running away from a group home that didContinue reading “Unplanned pregnancy?”

Dieting and an engagement disaster.

I lost ten pounds late last year, but I haven’t lost anymore since, I don’t think. I’m fine with this. I have to go through periods of losing and then periods of maintaining, during which I take a deep breath and get ready to lose more. I’m not interested in starvation, but it takes extremeContinue reading “Dieting and an engagement disaster.”

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