Priorities, people!

Dear Annie: I am in an interracial relationship and am a stepparent to a 7-year-old daughter. When COVID-19 came, my mother-in-law was without a job and in between places. We have only two bedrooms, one for us and one for my stepdaughter. My mother-in-law had no place to go, so we offered her our couch.Continue reading “Priorities, people!”

Shout-out to my fellow quadragenarians!

Dear Amy: My father has realized his memory is failing and is using this to whitewash his questionable parenting skills. Now I have no closure or recourse on events like his racist outburst of 2012 that led me to a very awkward Thanksgiving in a house full of people I did not know. My dadContinue reading “Shout-out to my fellow quadragenarians!”

Priorities and secrets.

Dear Amy: I have been with my husband for three years. He is White and I am Black. His parents are wonderful to me, and often go out of their way to help us out. They treat me just like their own daughter. Unfortunately, they have a dog, “Danny,” who is “mean,” according to them.Continue reading “Priorities and secrets.”

Something good ought to come from this!

So, my city is sort of on fire. So are several others. I live in Louisville, and people here are angry as all hell. And they should be! Our police force is made up of hardworking, dedicated cops, but the leadership is corrupt and incompetent. Our police chief, Steve Conrad, has blackmailed our governor intoContinue reading “Something good ought to come from this!”

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