When bad relationship decisions happen to otherwise good people.

Dear Amy: I am a 62-year-old man who recently ended an 11-year relationship with my live-in partner. Just before the pandemic, I brought my frail mother to live with us. The stresses of this 24/7 care, coupled with the coronavirus pandemic and my partner working from home were more than our relationship could bear. AsContinue reading “When bad relationship decisions happen to otherwise good people.”

See the light!

Dear Amy: I’m struggling. We started a business and had a baby during the pandemic. My wife and I have become reclusive (especially me). The isolation has caused me to lose my social graces. Basically, I just feel annoyed by everyone. I don’t want to get together with people. My increased presence on social mediaContinue reading “See the light!”

Oh my… incompatible?

Dear Amy: I’m a doctor. I am on the front lines treating covid patients. I have watched the cycle of fear, sadness and guilt when I tell a patient they have tested positive. Then again, watching the family go through their cycle of denial, anger and sadness as I give them the phone call thatContinue reading “Oh my… incompatible?”

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