A refreshing phone call with Mother.

So I just spoke to my mom on the phone. She was apologetic about how I can’t come along to help her in Maine. She said she’d talked to my dad and decided it would be too stressful for me. She sounded so regretful that I was fully prepared to act relieved for reasons notContinue reading “A refreshing phone call with Mother.”

Oh, you went there!

To give more info about my long and tormented relationship with LL Bean, my favorite clothing retailer, I once ordered my dad some men’s pyjamas for him. He was unhappy with the lack of elastic at the waist, so I cut into the waist and tried to insert elastic. Here’s the thing–I can barely sewContinue reading “Oh, you went there!”

A delightful talk with Mother.

So, I called my mom on the phone today. Hilarity ensued. First, I told her of my fun upcoming weekend alone. (My dad will be out of town.) She said, “You’d probably know who to call if you had plumbing issues, right? I mean, you’ve never been home alone before, have you?” “Okay,” I replied.Continue reading “A delightful talk with Mother.”

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