I’m out!

You know how you tell someone you’ll do something, and that has meaning because it’s your word, and then you go back on it? I’m out. I told my mom months ago that I would take her to her colonoscopy this upcoming Friday. I’m officially bailing on her. My dad’s upset, obviously. He’s going toContinue reading “I’m out!”

There’s a reason we call them “private parts”.

Dear Amy: My wife’s best friend recently went through a period where she was unhappy in her marriage. She began sexting with willing male partners and then sharing some of the pictures she had received with my wife. I know about this because my wife asked me to fix the WiFi on her phone. WhileContinue reading “There’s a reason we call them “private parts”.”

Interesting letter in Dear Abby today!

DEAR ABBY: I have recently found out that someone I thought was a good friend is the person who snitched and got my daughter in serious trouble at school. Our daughters attended the same preschool, middle school and high school. Although they were friends, the friendship was more between us moms. Before middle school graduation,Continue reading “Interesting letter in Dear Abby today!”

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