Easy pitches for Annie Lane again!

Dear Annie: I am a single mother to my one daughter, who is now 29. She moved from our hometown because that’s where she met her husband, and she now has a son, my grandson, who is 1 1/2 years old. She asked me when she first got pregnant if I would move down toContinue reading “Easy pitches for Annie Lane again!”

We have Harriette today!

DEAR HARRIETTE: From time to time, I have these nightmares about my fiance, of something happening to him or of him doing something to break my heart. These dreams are impacting my reality. Either I wake up crying, not wanting to get out of bed, or I wake up in a rage, upset with himContinue reading “We have Harriette today!”

Answering some questions on my own today!

TRIGGER WARNING:┬ávery mild discussion of suicidality in the second letter. Dear Mesmerizing Meg: What should I have said to this person? While I was talking to an acquaintance about my parents he indirectly said that life expectancy for someone born in 1952 is 67 years. My parents were born in 1950 & 1952 they areContinue reading “Answering some questions on my own today!”

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