Happy Tarot reading!

Ash got back to me with my Tarot reading. It was really, really good and made me feel so much better about everything. Reading for Meg Past – Present – Future Past: The Hanged Man I’m getting that you have been extremely hung up on decisions…. Just a total and complete standstill with your life.Continue reading “Happy Tarot reading!”

I’ll have what she’s having!

Life’s going great here in Louisville. This whole concept of social distancing is brilliant! Everywhere you go, there are chunks of space designated for each individual person. Oh, gushy gush, it’s like an introvert’s dream. Like, I’ll stand here, and you can stand way back there, and thank you very much! All of a sudden,Continue reading “I’ll have what she’s having!”

Life is great!

I’ve been rediscovering my love for television, which seems really weird, because it feels like people should watch it less often instead of more often, but oh well! Today, I watched some Felicity and then an episode of Night Court. I’m sure this will sound strange, but I’m impressed with myself for being able to focus andContinue reading “Life is great!”

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