Escaping Pandora

This is my story for NYC Midnight’s short story competition, round 1. To those of you who helped me make it better, thanks!! 🙂 The assignment was to write a short story (2,500 words or less) in the mystery genre, including a soldier, and involving a prediction. The image is from Pixabay! Escaping Pandora ©Continue reading “Escaping Pandora”

Murder and mayhem!

Okay, so I don’t get to sleep over at Norton Commons for $100. Apparently, after fees and taxes are added on, it becomes twice that. Oh well. I’m sort of broke anyways. In good news, my dad took me over there today and we toured the place. (I didn’t really want to drive myself becauseContinue reading “Murder and mayhem!”

Fun news!

I have fun and exciting news. I’ve been scoping out one of Louisville’s finest neighborhoods, Norton Commons. You’d have to see this place to believe it. It’s like living in a dream. It’s off of a main road in a sort-of enclosure which has: parks, dog parks, gardens, swimming pools, schools, church, shops, restaurants, walkingContinue reading “Fun news!”

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