Hell, yes.

Yeah, I’m braindead, but very¬† proud of myself. I think I started on this treadmill kick last Sunday. (It’s Saturday today, for reference, if you’re reading this in the future.) I spent one hour on the treadmill then, two on Monday, two on Tuesday, one on Wednesday (the day I spent four hours driving toContinue reading “Hell, yes.”

Meg’s life: the musical.

Hey everyone! I thought it would be fun to have a musical journey through my life, from beginning to end. I was born in 1977. The very first song I remember listening to was “The Logical Song” by Supertramp. I remember listening it to my brother, and we expressed ourselves to the music by runningContinue reading “Meg’s life: the musical.”

Meg’s adventures in online dating.

Thanks to Ashley Leia’s suggestion, I joined the Bumble dating site. It’s been fun already! It’s bringing back memories of the first story I wrote for NYC Midnight. It was a rom-com in which the heroine found it odd that all the men on a dating site were holding huge fish. Well, times have changedContinue reading “Meg’s adventures in online dating.”

It’s time for inside-out.

I’ve been sad and anxious lately, which isn’t like me. It’s possible that I have some PMS. But it seems more likely to involve the coronavirus. Or, rather, the situation. It’s worrisome whether our economy will be all right. And you know that government-provided stimulus check I was so excited to get? I don’t qualify,Continue reading “It’s time for inside-out.”

Watching spirits fall…

Here I am feeling sane again, so I thought I’d ask and answer some oddball questions. If you’re out there reading this–HA HA, too late! You’ve just been tagged, and you must answer the questions too. 1) Name a song with lyrics that really make you sad. I’d go with “A Month of Sundays” byContinue reading “Watching spirits fall…”

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