Lies, all lies!

Dear Amy: My husband of many years, “Franklin,” has a strategy of lying to me to get his way or avoid confrontation. Three examples, all this week: We make an annual, very substantial contribution to an arts organization where he’s on the board. When I reviewed this, he told me that most of the boardContinue reading “Lies, all lies!”

The day the friendship died.

Dear Amy: My husband and I are retired. We have a good life in a city that we moved to about seven years ago. We’ve been able to make lots of friends. I’m so pleased by the variety of people in our friend group. What I’m not pleased about is that one of my dearestContinue reading “The day the friendship died.”

Honesty is overrated!

Dear Amy: My mother and my brother keep bringing up trips they want to take with us. I’ve been on trips with them before, and I’m never going to go again. Both of them are prone to explosive meltdowns that are excruciating to be part of. I can handle them for a short evening, butContinue reading “Honesty is overrated!”

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