DEAR HARRIETTE: I have a 4-month-old daughter with a woman I never dated exclusively but was hanging out with for a while. When she told me she was pregnant, I asked about any other men, and she said there was no one else. I accepted that, and my family and I stood by her theContinue reading “Deception.”

An essay about God.

I was discussing God with my dad, and he accused me of not knowing who God is. Snort. So I figured I’d write an essay about God. (Just let me mention in advance that I could be wrong about this, and this isn’t researched. Rather, it’s based on what I’ve learned, whether correctly or incorrectly,Continue reading “An essay about God.”

Jesus, He knows me…

For anyone who hasn’t heard the song “Jesus, He Knows Me” by Genesis, I highly recommend it. “I’ve been talking to Jesus all my life, and He’s been telling me everything gonna be all right, all right…” Yeah, so… my mother “happened” to me today. I went over to help her pack and get organizedContinue reading “Jesus, He knows me…”

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