… stays in Prague, apparently!

Because, he has a girlfriend. (Of course he does.) I figured I’d take things to the next level today by ditching Sonya. He balked at that and arranged for me, him, and a friend of his to go out tomorrow. I called him out on it, like, if you just want to be friends, that’sContinue reading “… stays in Prague, apparently!”

Hangin’ with the neighbors!

Dear Amy: My husband and I bought a house a year ago. We had, at the time, a 24-foot boat, which we kept in a gravel spot next to the driveway. (The spot was designed for this kind of thing.) By the way, if you don’t know boats, this thing was big and looked evenContinue reading “Hangin’ with the neighbors!”

Opinions versus advice?

Dear Amy: Can you help me to understand the boundaries of offering advice? Coronavirus-related circumstances mean my 35-year-old daughter must make an employment decision involving relocation. From experience, I have insights into her potential relocation choices that she does not have. What I know on this topic could affect her ultimate happiness. She hasn’t askedContinue reading “Opinions versus advice?”

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