Fun with flash fiction for NYC Midnight!

This must be my third blog post today. One for the record books! The purpose of this blog post is to share my flash fiction story that I wrote for the competition at NYC Midnight over the weekend! Special thanks to Ashley Leia and Emilia who beta read for me, and if anyone else wantsContinue reading “Fun with flash fiction for NYC Midnight!”

My sense of humor unleashed.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: There’s a couple we socialize with: Henry and Jane. Over the past two years, Henry has developed memory issues, which they acknowledge as having been confirmed by a doctor. They often joke about it. Sometimes, when I mention something Henry has told me about, like a restaurant or show they’ve been to,Continue reading “My sense of humor unleashed.”

A long-winded response. [Groan.]

I finally took off my headphones, sat them down, and walked away slowly. No more music. While we give a collective sigh of relief, I’ll tell some humorous anecdotes. Recently I was talking to my mom on the phone, and my dad’s weather radio sounded. I turned it off and explained to my mom thatContinue reading “A long-winded response. [Groan.]”

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