The good Samaritan.

There’s an episode of Frasier that deals with paranoia. I first saw it circa 2007. I’d been watching the reruns for a few years, but when it came on, I didn’t recognize the storyline. I wound up completely held in its thrall, and I couldn’t quit watching; and at the end, I was sobbing. I could justContinue reading “The good Samaritan.”

Treatment options.

Having just survived a very, very bad menstrual cycle, I need to decide on a course of treatment to prevent it from happening again. Options: Take extra Prozac for the week leading up to my period. I did that once before, several years ago, and it seemed to help, if I recall. I typically takeContinue reading “Treatment options.”

Two ships in the night headed straight toward each other. No iceberg needed!

So, I’m on my period, which… is dire. I’m sort of braindead and exhausted. Actually, to get technical, my period hasn’t started yet. But it’s coming. I can tell. Lately, I’ve been getting PMS before my period. It used to always happen at the beginning of my period. Now it’s before, and then once myContinue reading “Two ships in the night headed straight toward each other. No iceberg needed!”

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