… stays in Prague, apparently!

Because, he has a girlfriend. (Of course he does.) I figured I’d take things to the next level today by ditching Sonya. He balked at that and arranged for me, him, and a friend of his to go out tomorrow. I called him out on it, like, if you just want to be friends, that’sContinue reading “… stays in Prague, apparently!”


Well, uh oh. Now I’m a weepy mess. What happened earlier was exhausting and confusing. Guys NEVER think I’m sexy. He must’ve been flirting with me to get a good deal on the car. Rationally I’m reminding myself that the car has loads of mechanical issues, all of which he pointed out to me. ButContinue reading “Ugh.”

Get over it already!

Ugh. I’ve realized why I’m so unhappy all the time. (Well, I’m not unhappy all the time. Maybe I realized what’s got me down.) I’ve been putting this insane pressure on myself to get over the abuse I experienced as a child, like in the sense of “get over it already.” I’m more upset byContinue reading “Get over it already!”


I got a Christmas card today, and it made me sad. It was from someone who I’m not really friends with anymore. For those of you who’ll know who I’m referring to, she’s a successful gameshow contestant. Our friendship fell apart over idiotic things, but essentially, she’s too cerebral and I’m too emotional. She’s aContinue reading “Well…”

Life’s peachy!

I’ve been enjoying writing my memoirs. I think they might even be publishable, since there’s so much scandal and intrigue to my life. I’ve been writing about the early years when we lived in my first house from birth to age seven. That was a very nice period in my life, and writing about itContinue reading “Life’s peachy!”


I’m really dragging. Nothing interests me, even though there are so many fun things I could be doing. Well, maybe not at this late hour, but in general. I’ve just quit caring about projects. The house is a mess, and that doesn’t include the dog fur that’s all over the place. I can’t keep upContinue reading “Unloved.”


I had a bit of a breakthrough last night. I was lying in bed, and I asked myself, how far back does my relationship-pattern issue go? Like, has it been there my whole adult life, or what?  And the answer came to me: Stevil! Steve is my next-door neighbor. I met him while walking around theContinue reading “STEVIL!!”

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