Strange food attitudes.

I’ve avoided junk food all month except for some chocolate I ate on the first full day of my period. (Meg’s gotta have it!) Something strange has happened. I’m starting to wonder why I’ve always put so much filth into my body. Yes, Pringles suddenly seem like filth. I think it’s because their ingredients areContinue reading “Strange food attitudes.”

Life’s peachy!

I’ve been enjoying writing my memoirs. I think they might even be publishable, since there’s so much scandal and intrigue to my life. I’ve been writing about the early years when we lived in my first house from birth to age seven. That was a very nice period in my life, and writing about itContinue reading “Life’s peachy!”

Why intermittent fasting works for me!

I was taking a nap before bed last night, and I felt very relaxed and dopey (you know, moreso than usual), and so I was doing some soul-searching, and I realized why I like intermittent fasting (IF) as much as I do, and why it’s actually working for me. For many years, I’ve had aContinue reading “Why intermittent fasting works for me!”

Goals for August!

I’ve decided to try to make August a blitz-attack month for weight loss. My eating habits have become horrible. A few basic daily changes would go far. I’ve been struggling with brunch, first of all. I wake up and go to the local pastry shop. Why, God, why? I’m sure that starting the day withContinue reading “Goals for August!”

More weight-loss efforts with Kodiak!

Someone who I won’t name (Big Woof the pup) woke me up at freakin’ 7:30 this morning, around three hours ago. Geez. So, what did I do to entertain myself? I went on an internet shopping spree. Good grief. Bad, bad dog. Bad dog! And look at her, smiling that goofy smile at me, asContinue reading “More weight-loss efforts with Kodiak!”

A once-a-week caloric deficit.

So, I had issues yesterday with my diet. I woke up starved. Trying to stick to my diet, I made some of my high-protein waffles for breakfast (rather than for dinner). It didn’t help. I was still starved. Demoralized and unable to cope, I went to the local pastry shop and got a bagel andContinue reading “A once-a-week caloric deficit.”

My diet in pictures!

My diet has been going great. Here are some internet images of what I’ve been eating: I’ve been enjoying my popcorn powder flavors, and I just discovered that the brand carries more varieties not sold in stores! I’m about to try the following from their website: bacon cheddar, milk chocolate caramel, sour cream & onion,Continue reading “My diet in pictures!”

Great news!!

I’ve got amazingly good news. My goals are coming together. I’ve mastered my diet after hours and hours of research and planning. Here’s what I’ve learned since I last blogged about this: Dark chocolate is a great appetite suppressant. It’s also not too unhealthy nor bingeworthy, because it only tastes a bit better than Baker’sContinue reading “Great news!!”

What I’ve learned about weight loss so far!

I’ve dedicated this calendar year to two tasks: losing all the unnecessary weight I have and paying off debt (primarily to my dad). I’ve shown amazing discipline so far in these endeavors. Well, until the day before yesterday. First, I went to the local pastry shop and got a bagel, a croissant, and a cinnamon-pretzelContinue reading “What I’ve learned about weight loss so far!”

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