When naptime is over.

Today was depressing. My sinus headache got worse, so I took four Seroquel (it’s allowed for when I don’t feel well) and two Advil, and then I was able to take a five-hour nap. Right before I fell asleep, one random happy memory after another flashed through my mind. This would be a direct effectContinue reading “When naptime is over.”

Dr. Google to the rescue!

People say that you shouldn’t use Dr. Google, and I can sort of understand that. But he (or she? Does the internet have a gender?) just saved me. Does the internet have a gender?! Good grief! Talk about your lost deep thoughts.  I’ve been feeling achey and miserable. Terrible headaches, awful eye pain. I’ve triedContinue reading “Dr. Google to the rescue!”

How could a day go so wrong?

No worries. Most of this is comical. I got my disability funding from our kind and benevolent government yesterday, so I paid some bills and wrote a check to my dad, who’s broke and relies upon my debt repayment to him. Then, I realized that I’m broke. Broker than broke. So I borrowed fifty dollarsContinue reading “How could a day go so wrong?”

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