Fitness, sexy times, and ice caverns.

I know I already wrote a blog post about the continuing love affair with my home gym, but… the love affair continues. This must be the honeymoon period. Praise God! I mean, there are a few things about it that I don’t like. Primarily, you have to be safety-cautious the whole time you’re using it.Continue reading “Fitness, sexy times, and ice caverns.”

I know her! Holy flip.

Dear Amy: I am a middle-aged, happily married woman with a wonderful husband. We have a relationship that others spend their lives trying to find, and we are both extremely grateful for our many blessings. I am not social, and I am not conscious of my appearance. I never wear makeup. I am a jeansContinue reading “I know her! Holy flip.”

My so-called pathetic love life!

Well, I’ve got only myself to blame. I’ve been attempting to converse with that guy I like, and he’s been attempting to converse with the married woman he’s still in love with. How do I slap some sense into him when I’m not in a position of power to begin with? I haven’t even outwardlyContinue reading “My so-called pathetic love life!”

What’s love got to do with it?

So, splat. My budding potential relationship just hit the ground like a pancake. (Does that simile even work? How does a pancake hit the ground? Well, it goes splat. Okay, moving on.) I met him at the post office, which is where he works. Postal employees, yah? He’s always been nice to me, and heContinue reading “What’s love got to do with it?”

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