Happytimes today!

Happytimes! Wow, this is nice! I just got an email for my dad. (He doesn’t do internet.) This is a form email from the Kentucky Bar Association. (My dad’s a lawyer. Similarly, my mother is a retired lawyer who worked for the Kentucky Court of Appeals.) Greetings. We are nearing the end of September andContinue reading “Happytimes today!”

Doing it the hard way. Again.

I went over to help my mom today, and she paid me $14,000. Well, technically, she offered to buy me my sister’s old car at that price (and apparently my sister has had equal or higher offers). I told her not to drop that kind of coin on a car, and that I’m morally opposedContinue reading “Doing it the hard way. Again.”

A bad day to be a safety girl!

So, yeah, two things have occurred today that show me that I care more about safety than other people do. I’m a total safety girl, always have been. I don’t like feeling anxious, and fortunately anxiety is rarely an issue I have. But anxiety aside, I’m HUGE on safety. It makes me feel better, becauseContinue reading “A bad day to be a safety girl!”

Reading and vacation issues.

Dear Mesmerizing Meg: I need to read two books for high school and I am very frustrated on how to do it. I really like stories but I hate reading. I have many symptoms of dyslexia and have always been an extremely slow reader. When I was in school I was put into gifted classesContinue reading “Reading and vacation issues.”

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