Safety, Miss Manners! Safety!

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Our very cute dog, “Wally,” has enjoyed the occasional table scrap on top of her usual dog food dinners. As a result, she has added a few pounds to her otherwise sleek physique. Lately, my wife has been gently chastising her, even calling her “pudgy.” I’m concerned that this is not onlyContinue reading “Safety, Miss Manners! Safety!”

I loved my Sammy Samson!

Crazy day all around!! LuLuLu the pup has a vet appt on Wednesday, which is two days from now. She’s in pain for unclear reasons in one leg, I think. So in the meantime, I brought my computer downstairs to my dad’s office area in an effort at keeping LuLu off the stairs. She wantsContinue reading “I loved my Sammy Samson!”

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