My one shot at redemption.

I had a complete meltdown a while back, just over a month ago I think, when someone who I really don’t like won the NYC Midnight short story competition. I was just very affronted by it, because she’s not a good person. On the forum, she’s a snarky bitch, an instigator, and a very patronizingContinue reading “My one shot at redemption.”

Not a good day to be Meg!

My mind went somewhere dark tonight! Hopefully I’ll fall asleep soon. I had nightmares last night. Before bed, for whatever weird reason, I decided to finally research the story of┬áMommie Dearest. Uh, I was in for a bit of a shock. First off, I found the power struggles all too relatable. (I read some synopsesContinue reading “Not a good day to be Meg!”

That did NOT just happen. (Okay, it did.)

Ugh. It’s been a hard evening for me because of that visit to the state-appointed psychiatrist who thinks that depression and anxiety are the only mental illnesses. [Eyeroll.] If he overturns my disability, it should be easy to appeal and point out what limited space I was given to explain what happens when I goContinue reading “That did NOT just happen. (Okay, it did.)”

Two ships in the night headed straight toward each other. No iceberg needed!

So, I’m on my period, which… is dire. I’m sort of braindead and exhausted. Actually, to get technical, my period hasn’t started yet. But it’s coming. I can tell. Lately, I’ve been getting PMS before my period. It used to always happen at the beginning of my period. Now it’s before, and then once myContinue reading “Two ships in the night headed straight toward each other. No iceberg needed!”

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