Run with us.

Does anyone remember The Raccoons cartoon show? At the end of the program they always played the most beautiful theme music. Here’s the YouTube link, complete with a video. To the best of my knowledge, these lyrics are ¬© Lisa Lougheed. When darkness falls, Leaving shadows in the night, Don’t be afraid, Wipe that fearContinue reading “Run with us.”

I’m just being too ambitious today! Geez.

TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE¬†(but I’m not suicidal now–it’s in the past) So, I’m not sure which direction my life is headed in. I’ve bailed on my second novel of the year because I wasn’t feeling it. I haven’t sold any furniture, but I haven’t tried very hard. I get agitated when my furniture is imperfect, andContinue reading “I’m just being too ambitious today! Geez.”

Too much honesty.

So, I’m hoping to be contacted by my city’s organization that runs the CASA program. (Court-appointed special advocates.) I want to volunteer as a CASA in order to help kids who are in the system. The CASA speaks up for kids if they’ve committed crimes because they were abused, for example, and explains the circumstancesContinue reading “Too much honesty.”

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