Meg’s mother returns!

My mother. I think that says it. She looks harmless, right? I took her to the drugstore to get her coronavirus booster vaccine. I’d made an online appointment at her local drugstore. But when we got there, they claimed that they didn’t have the Pfizer booster, and my mom had gotten the Pfizer vaccine andContinue reading “Meg’s mother returns!”

I have lived it!

Dear Amy: I come from a very judgmental family, and I’m wondering how to break the awful habits I learned. Growing up, we’d often be driving home from family events and my parents would bad-mouth the relatives we had just seen. This affected me, even if their criticism was sometimes justified. As adults, my boyfriendContinue reading “I have lived it!”

How could a day go so wrong?

No worries. Most of this is comical. I got my disability funding from our kind and benevolent government yesterday, so I paid some bills and wrote a check to my dad, who’s broke and relies upon my debt repayment to him. Then, I realized that I’m broke. Broker than broke. So I borrowed fifty dollarsContinue reading “How could a day go so wrong?”

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