She’s angry!

Oh geez. I just called my credit card company to alert them to impending travel, and it went disastrously awry. “I just need to send you a verification code to your cellphone,” the woman said. “Well, that would be fine, but I don’t use one,” I explained. “Let me transfer you to our fraud department.”Continue reading “She’s angry!”

I’m flying!

I found my father looking demoralized while sitting at his desk in his home office. “The credit card won’t give us the money back for your flight,” he lamented. “It says right here in their paperwork that if you’ve already paid the balance, you can’t get a refund.” “Oh, posh,” I said. “Credit cards areContinue reading “I’m flying!”

Would it be easier to end a romantic relationship?

So, in news of the Meg, I got a credit card in the mail today that I never asked for. My dad opened it before I got up, because he’s in charge of my finances (I put him in charge), and he could probably tell it was a financial piece of mail. So after IContinue reading “Would it be easier to end a romantic relationship?”

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