Great progress with the weight-loss plan!

Okay, so, I have great news from the dieting front. I’ve figured out what I was doing wrong, and this breakthrough might even prevent the need for a weekly box of Cracklin’ Oat Bran. Here’s the skinny (pun totally intended): originally, I scheduled the following meal for brunch: Four turkey sausage patties (200 calories total)Continue reading “Great progress with the weight-loss plan!”

The Coronavirus…?

So, how’s the Coronavirus treating everyone? I double-dog dare anyone out there to binge-watch Stephen King’s The Stand miniseries and not freak out. It came out in 1994, if I recall correctly. I used to love that miniseries. It has a great soundtrack of both great rock-and-roll titles and background music by Snuffy Walden, who alsoContinue reading “The Coronavirus…?”

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