When some semblance of sanity is restored.

Sonya cheered me up earlier by pointing out that I made it all the way to the end of winter without going crazy. I said, “Yeah, you’re right! Late February! Go me.” And she said, “No, today’s March.” And I replied, “Yes, but the fish fry was three days ago on February 26.” So weContinue reading “When some semblance of sanity is restored.”

It’s all about the kitty litter.

I get off on expressing my anger. This is fact. I went to the grocery store today to return some kitty litter. I bought it back when I feared that the zombie apocalypse was nigh upon us. In good news, there are no zombies. (Yet.) In bad news, they wouldn’t take back the litter. AndContinue reading “It’s all about the kitty litter.”

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