Mesmerizing Meg sees all.

Dear Mesmerizing Meg: Why can’t I seem to think about what I’m doing in the present moment? Mistakes? When I am interested in something I can usually focus and accomplish things quite well, but when it comes to less important things like tasks around the house or small things at work, I struggle to focusContinue reading “Mesmerizing Meg sees all.”

Controlling tendencies and the reappearance of Bad Girl Elizibeth!

Dear Mesmerizing Meg: How do I get her to give me closure? I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of years ago. She and I had a good relationship; she was everything I could’ve asked for in a person; however, there were times where I felt as if she wasn’t supporting me. Eventually, IContinue reading “Controlling tendencies and the reappearance of Bad Girl Elizibeth!”

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