My homophonic paradise.

Dear Amy: I have an in-law relative who has been deaf since childhood. A few years ago, I learned that this person reads lips. My problem is that they eavesdrop on private conversations by reading your lips. The masks many of us wear have helped to curb this, but with things (hopefully) going back toContinue reading “My homophonic paradise.”

Recycling people?

Dear Amy: I recently reconnected with a man I was engaged to, many years ago. We have not gotten together in person because we live several hours away from one another and are both in our 70s. The problem is that he blames me for a breakup that happened 50 years ago! (His perception isContinue reading “Recycling people?”

I couldn’t disagree more!

Dear Amy: I am blessed to have retired before the age of 50. I am now in my mid-50s, and my life is great, but my in-laws think I should go back to work. We had a fairly okay relationship before my retirement, but now when I am around them, they tell me I amContinue reading “I couldn’t disagree more!”

Lies, all lies!

Dear Amy: My husband of many years, “Franklin,” has a strategy of lying to me to get his way or avoid confrontation. Three examples, all this week: We make an annual, very substantial contribution to an arts organization where he’s on the board. When I reviewed this, he told me that most of the boardContinue reading “Lies, all lies!”

Fool me twice!

Dear Amy: After 20 years and many tears, my ex has decided to reappear. He found my daughter on social media. She was hesitant to put him in touch. This man literally ran out of our lives. This put me into a major depression. I had a total breakdown. I made contact, and he toldContinue reading “Fool me twice!”

Ebenezer Scrooge and gift cards.

Dear Amy: Every year, my husband receives a text message from his sister asking what our two children would like for Christmas. She does not acknowledge our children’s birthdays or any other special milestone that would warrant a call, a card or a gift; but at Christmas she always sends gift cards. My children andContinue reading “Ebenezer Scrooge and gift cards.”

Aww! Poor woman!

Dear Amy: I’m a new mom to a wonderful, healthy and happy baby. The birth was traumatic. My postpartum period was marred with unbearable pain, physical limitations and multiple surgeries. It was a difficult time of my life that I’m trying to move past to enjoy the happy times of new parenthood ahead. I’m havingContinue reading “Aww! Poor woman!”

Idle tongues will wag!

Dear Amy: My partner, “Chas,” and I have been together for 30 years. My sister “Shelly” introduced us. Shelly and Chas are very old friends; in fact, Chas is her daughter’s godfather. Chas tends to be quiet and low-key; Shelly is exuberant and loves attention. All these years, we have shared various family gatherings andContinue reading “Idle tongues will wag!”

Say what?!

Dear Amy: Before the pandemic, I met a wonderful woman and fell in love. The catch? She was from New Zealand and had to return home in November 2019. She and I made arrangements for me to move there. Then the pandemic hit and created unending border closures. My flight was canceled by the airline.Continue reading “Say what?!”

Whoops! Forgot to title this one!

TRIGGER WARNING: DISCUSSION OF BEING SUICIDAL, BUT IN THE DISTANT PAST. EVERYTHING’S FINE! Dear Amy: Last year, one of my sister’s children came out to me as trans. “S” asked to stay with me because of the trauma of being around their mostly conservative and media-illiterate family. S has been living with my husband andContinue reading “Whoops! Forgot to title this one!”

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