No way to account for it!

So, I’ve been submitting 5,000 words of my memoir to Sonya’s writers group each week. Their feedback has been incredibly helpful. Oddly enough, I’ve turned it into a drinking game. Every time someone comments, Your mother did WHAT?! I drink some tequila. It’s almost comical. I’ve heard of people with overbearing mothers who grew up okay becauseContinue reading “No way to account for it!”

Ugly ducklings!!

Dear Mesmerizing Meg: I’m a thirteen-year-old female. I know I’m still so young and I “shouldn’t care about looks” or “it’s about personality” etc, but EVERYONE else at my school is just so much prettier than I am. And I just feel so bad whenever people see me, and they see how ugly and unattractiveContinue reading “Ugly ducklings!!”

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