Recycling people?

Dear Amy: I recently reconnected with a man I was engaged to, many years ago. We have not gotten together in person because we live several hours away from one another and are both in our 70s. The problem is that he blames me for a breakup that happened 50 years ago! (His perception isContinue reading “Recycling people?”


DEAR ABBY: Occasionally when my husband goes running, I drop him off at the park while I do the grocery shopping. We agree to meet back at the drop-off spot in one hour. Occasionally, I’m late by maybe five minutes, and certainly no more than eight or nine. When this happens, my husband gets extremelyContinue reading “Violence!”

Hello, paranoia!

TRIGGER WARNING: PHYSICAL ABUSE WITH UNDERTONES OF SEXUAL ABUSE I’ve been unhappy for various reasons, and today I had some sort of paranoia attack. I don’t think it was entirely my fault, but ugh. It’s just that the feedback from Sonya’s writers group about my memoir seemed rather attacking. Here’s the part in question: InContinue reading “Hello, paranoia!”

It doesn’t exist!

I’m feeling pretty bad now, obviously. I feel rather deeply that Georg led me on with wanton abandon. I’ve called him out for it, because that’s what I do. But it has left me feeling as if I somehow failed in my reaction, as though I should be better able to handle this level ofContinue reading “It doesn’t exist!”

She’s angry!

Oh geez. I just called my credit card company to alert them to impending travel, and it went disastrously awry. “I just need to send you a verification code to your cellphone,” the woman said. “Well, that would be fine, but I don’t use one,” I explained. “Let me transfer you to our fraud department.”Continue reading “She’s angry!”

Where is the justice in this world?

So, I took the time to write this lovely 5-star product review for LL Bean: I was lucky to find two pairs of these on a different website that sells used items. It’s love. I wanted to comment on the complaints that the pants don’t go up high enough in the waist. Very true. ForContinue reading “Where is the justice in this world?”

I never expected THIS to happen at the stop sign today!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having great days today. I figured I’d check in. I’ve been bored and cranky and menstrual. And I’m upset with myself because I did some bad math when I bought my plane ticket to Prague. I meant to schedule it for when my period’s over, right? Well, today isContinue reading “I never expected THIS to happen at the stop sign today!”

Being dumped and being blocked.

Dear Amy: “Trying to Repent” wanted to apologize to his former girlfriend for his abusive behavior during the relationship. Your advice NOT to contact her was well-put. A woman I dated in the past reached out and apologized for the way she handled things. I was genuinely upset she messaged me and waited two weeksContinue reading “Being dumped and being blocked.”

The self-appointed vessel.

This book is profound. It’s very optimistic and compassionate. It discusses the dynamics of victims and perpetrators, and the need for such dynamics. I used to have deep thoughts about that when I was eight or nine. I decided I’d rather be a victim, which I was–my parents were abusive–than a perpetrator, because I’d hateContinue reading “The self-appointed vessel.”

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