My story!

I got the go-ahead to share my 100-word microfiction story!! The assignment was to write a story that includes chasing something (however you want to interpret the concept of chasing something) and the word “grow”. It can be in any genre(s). I had one brave guesser (shout-out to Jewish Young Professional!) on my guess-my-genre post,Continue reading “My story!”

Witches, aliens, and disembodied voices: my strange reality.

I was thinking about some of the weirder hallucinations I’ve had. I usually don’t hallucinate, but sometimes when I get really stressed I misinterpret things…? And then I either dissociate or embellish the memory in totally unrealistic ways. I went to the dentist over ten years ago. It was after I’d had a psychotic breakContinue reading “Witches, aliens, and disembodied voices: my strange reality.”

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