I’m flying!

I found my father looking demoralized while sitting at his desk in his home office. “The credit card won’t give us the money back for your flight,” he lamented. “It says right here in their paperwork that if you’ve already paid the balance, you can’t get a refund.” “Oh, posh,” I said. “Credit cards areContinue reading “I’m flying!”

Destination: Brussels?!

Aw, hecks. The evening took a strange turn, starting maybe seven hours ago. I got invested in researching travel restrictions, since I’m going to Prague in two-and-a-half weeks. First, I went to the airline’s site and entered my destinations, including layover areas, to get advice for what I need to have with me, like proofContinue reading “Destination: Brussels?!”

Contraband and my father.

I’d been feeling depressed with my dad out of town, but today I managed to take a shower before fetching him from the airport. (It’s been too long. I had to wash my hair twice.) I’ve never gotten someone from the airport before, and I feel quite confident now that I know how to doContinue reading “Contraband and my father.”

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