Falling asleep now!

I have great news! Well, okay, it’s not like winning-the-lottery great, but it’s pretty great! It’s mid-January, and I haven’t felt remotely triggered by the physical abuse I suffered. It occurred to me that the EMDR I did last summer must’ve helped! Wow. FINALLY!!!! I always get triggered in winter. (Don’t I?) (Yeah, I thinkContinue reading “Falling asleep now!”

My new goals

It’s occurred to me that I’m not really an unhealthy eater (although I certainly can be), but I’m not capable of dieting enough for weight loss. So I’ve been trying to watch what I eat while exercising myself to death. After a few days of crunching numbers and seeing what’s possible, my goal is toContinue reading “My new goals”

More eBay scammers afoot!

So, I listed a huge lot of magazines on eBay. They’re my dad’s old magazines that he’s already read. A buyer who I’ll call Matt (because that’s his name) contacted me and asked for a lower deal. I had the “make an offer” feature selected, so I agreed on a rock-bottom price with him andContinue reading “More eBay scammers afoot!”

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