The benefits of moral superiority.

Today’s the second day of a three-day round in my coveted short-story competition. I woke in a great mood, well-rested, but with nothing yet written. No huge deal. Just me and the existential-crisis-triggering blank page. But then I opened my email, and there was a message from my mom. Oh, hell, no. I’d determined toContinue reading “The benefits of moral superiority.”

The dreaded feedback! (Run for your lives!)

Okay, so, I have fantabulous news! My story took third in its group (out of around thirty entrants), and the top five go onto round 2, so I’m in this! Round 2 starts tomorrow at midnight, when I’ll get my story assignment. In fun news, I won a bet against both my dad and myContinue reading “The dreaded feedback! (Run for your lives!)”

More alterations to my diet!

So, I’ve modified my diet in a few more ways. It’s been a constant process of figuring out what works best. I used to eat a square of dark chocolate after every meal (the stuff works great as an appetite suppressant), but that became a problem, because–go figure–I fell in love with the stuff. IContinue reading “More alterations to my diet!”

I’ll have what she’s having!

Life’s going great here in Louisville. This whole concept of social distancing is brilliant! Everywhere you go, there are chunks of space designated for each individual person. Oh, gushy gush, it’s like an introvert’s dream. Like, I’ll stand here, and you can stand way back there, and thank you very much! All of a sudden,Continue reading “I’ll have what she’s having!”

I’m trigger happy!

TRIGGER WARNING: MILD THEMES OF PHYSICAL ABUSE So, I’ve been triggered all day. First, my dad and I played Connect 4, which I’m a master at, but he won all three games. Unfortunately, when he bragged about it, he used the wrong words. “I beat you three times at Connect 4.” Couldn’t he have saidContinue reading “I’m trigger happy!”

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