When the people have spoken.

Dear Amy: For many months while dealing with health and mobility issues, I’ve noticed that my husband has had odd lapses of memory. Nothing about these incidents indicated potential harm of self or of others, but they were/are completely out of character, quite dissimilar in nature, and seem random. We have been married for aContinue reading “When the people have spoken.”

Adequate pain descriptions.

Well, okay, so I overslept massively and missed my 1:30 appointment with the urologist today. I actually didn’t wake up until 1:41 PM. Wow. But I’m okay with that because life has certainly been hectic. And I slept so soundly and was so relaxed. After I got up, I walked LuLu around the block andContinue reading “Adequate pain descriptions.”

Say what?!

This is too funny. I went to the audiologist today. I solved the problem of avoiding my dad’s scary and somewhat hostile audiologist by seeing a woman who works at the same place. She was nice. She put some headphones on me and told me that a voice would tell me which word to say.Continue reading “Say what?!”

Never a dull moment.

So, first my mom was triggering my issues, and then my mood did a complete 180° shift when I got news of Prague opening its borders to American tourists. And then, alas, I wound up in the ER with a kidney stone. Yeah, apparently that godawful stomach ache I had wasn’t due to my eatingContinue reading “Never a dull moment.”

And now I’m angry.

I just now emailed my mom. Please quit asking me questions about the past. If you feel guilty for being a bad parent, that shouldn’t be my problem, and I’ll never tell you what you want to hear (that you weren’t an abusive parent), so quit harassing me about it. I can’t help you withContinue reading “And now I’m angry.”

The phrases of our lives.

This Czech guidebook I bought is hilarious. It’s filled with phrases you might need to use in a bind. One of them involves if you need emergency dentistry. The guidebook actually teaches you how to know if your dentist is saying, “Wait, come back! I’m not done with your teeth yet!” H AH AH HAContinue reading “The phrases of our lives.”

The right time to buy a lottery ticket.

My mother is a bitch. I’m sorry, but she is. I spent several hours with her today, first fetching her from her condo, which is twenty minutes in traffic one way, and then bringing her here for lunch and piano playing. I made her that salad I showed you all recently. She loved the salad,Continue reading “The right time to buy a lottery ticket.”

The day I broke my stomach.

Yesterday was an epic dieting fail, but I’m hopeful that I can put it behind me. I’ve already started today with some healthy oatmeal, and I have a healthy dinner planned as well. But yesterday things went awry. My sleep schedule got messed up when LuLu the pup woke me up way too early. IContinue reading “The day I broke my stomach.”

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