Fun news!

I have fun and exciting news. I’ve been scoping out one of Louisville’s finest neighborhoods, Norton Commons. You’d have to see this place to believe it. It’s like living in a dream. It’s off of a main road in a sort-of enclosure which has: parks, dog parks, gardens, swimming pools, schools, church, shops, restaurants, walkingContinue reading “Fun news!”

Life is good.

Okay, here’s the situation. I’ve been doing some soul-searching–the painful kind. And I’ve realized I’ve got to push myself as a writer. I’m never going to get published in YA because my writing style is too intelligent for the audience, AND my stories are too weird and “out there”. Teenagers only appreciate angst. They don’tContinue reading “Life is good.”

Great news!!

I’ve got amazingly good news. My goals are coming together. I’ve mastered my diet after hours and hours of research and planning. Here’s what I’ve learned since I last blogged about this: Dark chocolate is a great appetite suppressant. It’s also not too unhealthy nor bingeworthy, because it only tastes a bit better than Baker’sContinue reading “Great news!!”

Advice and regrets…

Dear Mesmerizing Meg: Can I take both Zoloft and Prozac? So I’m not usually paranoid about this kind of stuff. Like, I’ve taken Xanax on multiple occasions for panic attacks but something about “Serotonin syndrome” makes me feel uneasy. I’m a hypochondriac for one so if that explains that. My psychiatrist says in order toContinue reading “Advice and regrets…”

What to do with myself? Help!

I did a bad thing. I woke up with a crystal-clear mind and understood exactly why I wrecked my car yesterday. It was the liquidator’s fault. (Well, not directly, but indirectly.) He upset me so much that I spazzed and crashed. After waking, I went downstairs and sat in my dad’s recliner and stewed. I’dContinue reading “What to do with myself? Help!”

What I’ve learned about weight loss so far!

I’ve dedicated this calendar year to two tasks: losing all the unnecessary weight I have and paying off debt (primarily to my dad). I’ve shown amazing discipline so far in these endeavors. Well, until the day before yesterday. First, I went to the local pastry shop and got a bagel, a croissant, and a cinnamon-pretzelContinue reading “What I’ve learned about weight loss so far!”

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