Why some mental illnesses are considered more severe than others!

I’ve been musing on why depression and anxiety are considered lesser-than mental illnesses, whereas schizophrenia and bipolar are considered hardcore mental illnesses. Everything exists on a continuum. What’s weird, though, is that with schizophrenia, you never hear about someone being “a little schizohprenic,” whether or not such a condition exists. (Who knows? I guess anythingContinue reading “Why some mental illnesses are considered more severe than others!”

She’s angry!

Oh geez. I just called my credit card company to alert them to impending travel, and it went disastrously awry. “I just need to send you a verification code to your cellphone,” the woman said. “Well, that would be fine, but I don’t use one,” I explained. “Let me transfer you to our fraud department.”Continue reading “She’s angry!”


I hate my birthname. My mentor has been trying to get me to be less, ahem, reactive to people who call me M-word. It’s like if someone says, “Am I speaking to [M-word] Kimball?” my reaction tends to be, “DIE!!!” A photo of Mommie Dearest here would be good. So I read an internet articleContinue reading “Weirdness!”

No way to account for it!

So, I’ve been submitting 5,000 words of my memoir to Sonya’s writers group each week. Their feedback has been incredibly helpful. Oddly enough, I’ve turned it into a drinking game. Every time someone comments, Your mother did WHAT?! I drink some tequila. It’s almost comical. I’ve heard of people with overbearing mothers who grew up okay becauseContinue reading “No way to account for it!”

I’m flying!

I found my father looking demoralized while sitting at his desk in his home office. “The credit card won’t give us the money back for your flight,” he lamented. “It says right here in their paperwork that if you’ve already paid the balance, you can’t get a refund.” “Oh, posh,” I said. “Credit cards areContinue reading “I’m flying!”

I’m jinxing myself again with this “life is good” talk!

Life is good. Dare I say it? My dad is very zen about the airline ticket disaster. His whole attitude about us possibly losing a thousand dollars is, “Eh.” He’s not rich, and neither am I (although I certainly spend money like a drunk sailor), but his income is sporadic as a self-employed lawyer, soContinue reading “I’m jinxing myself again with this “life is good” talk!”

Happytimes today!

Happytimes! Wow, this is nice! I just got an email for my dad. (He doesn’t do internet.) This is a form email from the Kentucky Bar Association. (My dad’s a lawyer. Similarly, my mother is a retired lawyer who worked for the Kentucky Court of Appeals.) Greetings. We are nearing the end of September andContinue reading “Happytimes today!”

Destination: Brussels?!

Aw, hecks. The evening took a strange turn, starting maybe seven hours ago. I got invested in researching travel restrictions, since I’m going to Prague in two-and-a-half weeks. First, I went to the airline’s site and entered my destinations, including layover areas, to get advice for what I need to have with me, like proofContinue reading “Destination: Brussels?!”

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