Two out of three ain’t bad!

There’s this hilarious scene in Mars Attacks! in which Congress gets eliminated by aliens and Jack Nicholson quips, “Now… I want the people to know… that they still have two out of three branches of government working for them… and that ain’t bad.” I’ve never seen the movie, but my dad loves that part. He also lovesContinue reading “Two out of three ain’t bad!”

It’s like I don’t listen! :o

So, did I listen to my psychic–my friend Ash–when she gave me advice about the future? No. Even though I paid her $25 for the reading, I didn’t listen to her. But I’m getting ahead of myself. What did she say in the reading? Let’s refresh our memories here… I’m sensing mother energy… A needContinue reading “It’s like I don’t listen! :o”

An amazing essay from Facebook!

I just read the most amazing essay on Facebook. I feel compelled to share it. It’s (c) Welcome Home, @WelcomeHomeOriginal. Here’s a link to it. (And they say they don’t mind if people share this content): I hear people say that we are in the same boat. But it’s not like that. We are inContinue reading “An amazing essay from Facebook!”

Happy Tarot reading!

Ash got back to me with my Tarot reading. It was really, really good and made me feel so much better about everything. Reading for Meg Past – Present – Future Past: The Hanged Man I’m getting that you have been extremely hung up on decisions…. Just a total and complete standstill with your life.Continue reading “Happy Tarot reading!”

My life is strange. (No, really?)

I’m feeling quite morose. I unfriended two people on social media. They’re best friends with each other. One seemingly dropped me like a hot potato and never came back, and the second ignored a funny comment I made on her post but found the time to make a laughy-face at everyone else’s comments (made bothContinue reading “My life is strange. (No, really?)”


Yeah, so, wow. Just wow. It came in the mail today, my gift from the guy who crashed into my car. He’d felt awful about it, and I’d assured him that it was okay because, among other reasons, my car’s an old clunker to begin with. Not to mention that he left no visible newContinue reading “Hallelujah!!”

An essay about God.

I was discussing God with my dad, and he accused me of not knowing who God is. Snort. So I figured I’d write an essay about God. (Just let me mention in advance that I could be wrong about this, and this isn’t researched. Rather, it’s based on what I’ve learned, whether correctly or incorrectly,Continue reading “An essay about God.”

More grocery store blues!

Oh, brother. I didn’t want for things to go wrong. Despite my proclivity for confrontation, it often leaves me feeling depleted and … ashamed or regretful. I can be confrontational, but it takes a lot out of me. I’m proud of my ability to be confrontational, because I used to be a doormat. (For thoseContinue reading “More grocery store blues!”

Birthday weight loss attempts!

My diet quit working for me, but now I’m back on track. I haven’t lost any weight in two months. I’m challenging myself to lose five pounds before my birthday on May 10th. I’m not sure what was going wrong with my diet, but I think it involved eating a lot of different foods, whichContinue reading “Birthday weight loss attempts!”

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