Generational abuse.

It’s been a weird sort of day. I was talking to my mom, and she was depressed because apparently her dad died when she was seventeen on new year’s eve. Go figure. That was news! Both of my grandfathers died, and both of my grandmothers remarried, before I was born. I’d always been glad thatContinue reading “Generational abuse.”

Oh, Annie Lane!

Annie Lane’s column today is titled, “Time to Address Table Manners”. Oh geez. I’m glad she’s still tackling the big issues. Dear Annie: We need help in handling a family situation that arose during a Thanksgiving visit. My brother-in-law has no table manners. He generally forgoes silverware and eats whatever he thinks appropriate with hisContinue reading “Oh, Annie Lane!”

Monster Meg!

I’ve created a monster, and I’m referring to myself. I’ve been working on my non-memoir for hours every day, and I’m filled with the thrill of its being potentially published. But ever since I made if fictional, it’s occurred to me that I can now put everyone’s secrets in there! Because it’s fiction! I don’tContinue reading “Monster Meg!”

The new year!

I have a slight case of neoannophobia that never goes away until I’ve spent some time in the new year and have deemed it safe. However, things have improved greatly. This is the first year ever that I’m not terrified of January, February, and March. Neoannophobia aside, I used to have what I thought wasContinue reading “The new year!”

The fictionalization of Meg.

I’ve got exciting news. I’m going to ficionalize my memoir and get it published as literary adult fiction. This fixes several problems: My word count can be higher. A memoir should be between 50,000 and 100,000 words, and my doc is currently 100,500 words; and I want to make it longer, not shorter. There’s soContinue reading “The fictionalization of Meg.”

Life makes no sense at all.

I feel judged. My beta readers have had an unexpected reaction to part of my memoir. Here’s the excerpt. I’m 23, my brother’s 21, and our sister is 15. An unhealthy level of schadenfreude I’d been meeting with the cult for a few months when a blowup happened at my dad’s house, where both ofContinue reading “Life makes no sense at all.”

Family therapy?!

DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been sorting through some emotional issues for some time now. I have come to a decision that I am frightened to make: I want to ask my dad and stepmother to join an upcoming group therapy session with me. My therapist recommended that we sit down together, as a lot ofContinue reading “Family therapy?!”


I’ve freakin’ lost weight! I’m down to 195 for the first time in over ten years. Wow! I lost all of that weight (down from 200) because I was having mental problems and quit eating, and then I was fighting off a cold with some zinc tablets and lost my appetite. So I’ve realized thatContinue reading “Disinherited!”

The intention table!

I’ve created an intention table to bring the sort of love I want into my life. It was sort of Sonya’s idea, but she said I should list the qualities of a man and rate those qualities in order of importance. I’ve done a bit of that in my mind, and here’s the first mostContinue reading “The intention table!”

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