Witches, aliens, and disembodied voices: my strange reality.

I was thinking about some of the weirder hallucinations I’ve had. I usually don’t hallucinate, but sometimes when I get really stressed I misinterpret things…? And then I either dissociate or embellish the memory in totally unrealistic ways. I went to the dentist over ten years ago. It was after I’d had a psychotic breakContinue reading “Witches, aliens, and disembodied voices: my strange reality.”

Meg’s past lives.

I feel called to blog about my past lives today! What fun! I find reincarnation fascinating. When I was a member of a cult, they did a past-life regression and made an audiocassette about one of my past lives. It really registers with me and rings true. And I’ve filled in some gaps with whatContinue reading “Meg’s past lives.”

Old souls.

I’m feeling much improved, and after a bloodthirsty back-and-forth with my mentor, we worked things out. He and I are always taking our relationship to the brink of ruin and then somehow surviving things in a last-second display of tragedy and explosive heroics. I have no idea what miracle could possibly account for that, butContinue reading “Old souls.”

Triggered! Again.

TRIGGER WARNING: References to physical abuse with language that could be considered triggering, but no graphic descriptions.¬† And she’s been triggered again, folks. I was helping my mom yesterday for the second day in a row, and she was gushing on and on about how my evil sister’s going to have to show me howContinue reading “Triggered! Again.”

Dammit! (The doll.)

I got tired and was speed-reading from one of my anger books,¬†Mindfulness for Anger Management. Along with the really weird channelled book, this one has also been speaking to me more than the other anger books so far. (I bought a whole bunch of books and have been picking through them. Quantity is my friendContinue reading “Dammit! (The doll.)”

Trying to sell my car!

There was a song I enjoyed listening to as a teenager called “Ode to My Car” by Adam Sandler. I can really relate to the sentiment. I’ve been trying to describe Carlene for an online listing, and this is what I have so far: I’ve had this car since 2003 when it had 57,000 milesContinue reading “Trying to sell my car!”

Being dumped and being blocked.

Dear Amy: “Trying to Repent” wanted to apologize to his former girlfriend for his abusive behavior during the relationship. Your advice NOT to contact her was well-put. A woman I dated in the past reached out and apologized for the way she handled things. I was genuinely upset she messaged me and waited two weeksContinue reading “Being dumped and being blocked.”

The self-appointed vessel.

This book is profound. It’s very optimistic and compassionate. It discusses the dynamics of victims and perpetrators, and the need for such dynamics. I used to have deep thoughts about that when I was eight or nine. I decided I’d rather be a victim, which I was–my parents were abusive–than a perpetrator, because I’d hateContinue reading “The self-appointed vessel.”

I’m glad they weren’t flying around the world!

Dear Amy: On a short airplane flight, I was seated next to a woman who chatted to me nonstop about this and that, while I listened and smiled politely. When she started to voice opinions that I didn’t share and didn’t want to discuss, I tried to wrap up the conversation and turned to myContinue reading “I’m glad they weren’t flying around the world!”

Spiritual accomplishments.

TRIGGER WARNING: suicidality, but only discussed in the context of the distant past, and difficult life situations as well. I’m fine!¬† I’ve been reading a really nice spiritual, New Agey book that my dad bought me, because he’s generous enough to buy me self-help books as a means of helping me work through my issues.Continue reading “Spiritual accomplishments.”

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