Dear Annie: I am in my late 50s, the proud mother of two grown men who have families of their own. I’ve been successful in my career and always accomplished whatever I set my mind to. But I always had a secret. I have ADHD. I was diagnosed in my late 20s. I never toldContinue reading “Advocate!”

Oh, you went there!

To give more info about my long and tormented relationship with LL Bean, my favorite clothing retailer, I once ordered my dad some men’s pyjamas for him. He was unhappy with the lack of elastic at the waist, so I cut into the waist and tried to insert elastic. Here’s the thing–I can barely sewContinue reading “Oh, you went there!”

Where is the justice in this world?

So, I took the time to write this lovely 5-star product review for LL Bean: I was lucky to find two pairs of these on a different website that sells used items. It’s love. I wanted to comment on the complaints that the pants don’t go up high enough in the waist. Very true. ForContinue reading “Where is the justice in this world?”

Writing, editing, and family news!

Hey, everyone! I hope everyone out there is having a great day. I’ve been hard at work on my memoir, and I’ve noticed that the opening chapters are boring. Ugh. I’m not sure how to fix it. I think the content is necessary to lay the groundwork of everything that comes after it. In otherContinue reading “Writing, editing, and family news!”

Hangin’ with the neighbors!

Dear Amy: My husband and I bought a house a year ago. We had, at the time, a 24-foot boat, which we kept in a gravel spot next to the driveway. (The spot was designed for this kind of thing.) By the way, if you don’t know boats, this thing was big and looked evenContinue reading “Hangin’ with the neighbors!”

One less star.

When I was in college I was engaged in A Course in Miracles, which is truly miraculous in odd ways, and I wanted to walk away from it for a while and focus on other things. I had a dream that night that I left my mom’s house and went outside. It was a nice summerContinue reading “One less star.”


Dear Amy: I am a woman in my 70s. I do not understand why women in their 30s think they can treat their elders with disrespect. I had two unkind mothers-in-law, but I wouldn’t have dreamed of being rude to them or “telling them off” because they were my elders — the mothers of myContinue reading “Elders?!”

I never expected THIS to happen at the stop sign today!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having great days today. I figured I’d check in. I’ve been bored and cranky and menstrual. And I’m upset with myself because I did some bad math when I bought my plane ticket to Prague. I meant to schedule it for when my period’s over, right? Well, today isContinue reading “I never expected THIS to happen at the stop sign today!”

Time for Tarot! (8-11-21)

Hi, everyone! Here’s how this works: use your intuition to pick an item from the above image. Today we have three magnets: a colorful model, a lollipop, and some colored pencils. These are timeless readings, meaning they’ll apply whenever you read them and not just when I post them. I can’t promise that all of myContinue reading “Time for Tarot! (8-11-21)”

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